The Empress' Spritzer

The Kaiserinnenspritzer or Empress' Spritzer is a modern variation of a traditional Austrian wine cocktail - the Kaiserspritzer or Emperors Spritzer.

While the old version is made with basic white wine, sparkling water and elderflower, we took a high quality rosé wine, Viennese Alp water carbonized like a Prosecco and a mild and only litte sweet elderflower-mint-lime mix.

  • Produced by us - Birgit and Ralph - wine tasting and business professionals and passionists.

  • All produced regionally, handcrafted, glyphsate-free and vegan.

  • With our self produced and regularly highly awarded merlot & zweigelt wine from our own vineyards and winery in Austria.

  • 4,8%vol. alcohol, 5g/100ml sugar and a perfect stored quality in 0,275mL glass bottles for an always fresh and chilled taste.

  • Designed in a modern style of art nouveau for all the empresses of our time.


If you're interested or want to ask us something, please write us here(also for non-crypto orders)

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